Back from Chattacon

Wow, talk about a party con with great guests! We had lots of fun, saw some old friends & made new ones.  The con is held at the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel (formerly the old Chattanooga railroad station) and is one of the most unusual hotels I've ever been at.  If you're a big fan of "party" cons, you'll want to put this one on  your list.

This weekend we're off to Chi-Town for "Love is Murder", a murder/mystery writers conference.
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Marscon VA update

wow, Marscon was fun!  it's a smaller con, but packed with great guests and fun fen.  You'll definately want to put this one on your list. 
We got to spend time with some of our favorite web comic writers, Rob Balder of Partially Clips, and Jennie Breeden of The Devil's Panties (just a warning? don't drink coffee while reading this strip, nearly covered my monitor). 
All in all, a great con to just have fun.

Next weekend, Chattacon in Chattanooga TN. 
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Our 2008 schedule!

Ok folks, it’s a new year so there’s a new list of shows where you can find us!


Our schedule for 2008 (confirmed shows)

Marscon, Hampton Roads, VA  January 18 – 20

ChattaCon, Chattanooga TN  January 25 -27

LIM Con,  Chicago IL  February 1-3

Convocation, Troy MI February 21 – 24

StellarCon/Deep South Con, High Point NC March 14 -16



We will update here as shows are added. Looking forward to seeing you!

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Back home again...

Wow, PiCon was fun. Met lots of interesting new folks (part of the job). And the Voltaire concert was a blast. We're seriously considering this show again for next year.

We're home for the next two weekends, to rest & recoup before we head down to:

Mephit FurMeet in Memphis TN over Labor Day weekend.

hope you all had a good weekend too!
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(no subject)

Diversicon was a small literary based show. Nice hotel, nice folks.  And our first purchase of the weekend was made by the Author GOH, Angela Hairston.

This weekend we're off to 2PiCon in West Springfield Mass. For those of you who might be attending, we'll have plenty of Voltaire designed Ts, and Serenity/Firefly Ts. :D Hope to see you there!
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in the midst of chaos......

back from Confluence out in Pittsburgh. Small show, but ran into lots of folks I hadn't seen in a while.

This weekend, its off to Diversicon in Minnesota, then the next is 2PiCon out in Mass.

then a nice two week break back at home......
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Back from Conestoga in Tulsa OK, and boy did we have fun!  Great convention, cool guests, and we made lots of new friends.  I would highly recommend this con to anyone. :D  Kudos to the concom and folks who volunteered, they did a great job!  We're planning on returning next year, if they agree to have us in the dealer room again.

One of the really neat things about this con is their charity. They do the auction to support the exotic animal rescue facility based in Broken Arrow, Safari Sanctuary. Lori & the folks brought in all kinds of animals to the convention, and I got to make friends with a ring tailed lemur. How cool is that?  Visit them at  We'll also be linking them to the website, as I'd like to have a page set up for cool links like this.

This weekend, we're off to ConFluence in Pittsburgh, PA.....
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